Partners & Sponsors

Unfortunately, futsal is an injury-prone sport. Nobody likes it, but sometimes a visit to the physiotherapist is unavoidable. RS can't make the story more fun than it is, but it can be easier. Since January 2023, RS has reached a cooperation agreement with Physiotherapy Campus Woudestein. The following is important to you from this agreement. If you sustain an injury, you can quickly contact this physiotherapist. The aim of the physiotherapist is to meet you at the practice within two working days. This consultation will be a 10/15 minute screening. Due to the collaboration between RS and Physiotherapy Campus Woudestein, the first consultation for members of RS is free! At the consultation, all you have to do is make it clear that you are a member of RS. For more information, see the page Injured, now what? Injured, now what?

The cooperation agreement is also visible within the club. RS1 plays with Physiotherapy Campus Woudestein as the shirt sponsor. The building is right on the opposite of Erasmus Sport. Other information can also be found on the site:

Erasmus sport  is responsible for the operation of the Erasmus Sport Center. Erasmus Sport offers an extensive sports program during the academic year, led by enthusiastic teachers and trainers. They supervise the individual athletes or train the teams of the sports associations that are affiliated with Erasmus Sport.

Erasmus sport plays a crucial role for RS by making the halls available, supporting the first team with a coach and guiding the board.


Café In de Smitse is the student bar of the Erasmus University. Run by a team full of enthusiastic students, they are open every weekday from 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM to serve your favorite drinks! For the beer lovers among us, they serve 40 types of beer, so there is something to like for everyone. Since Café In de Smitse is mainly intended for students, our prices are also student-proof! For only a small amount you get a cold beer of the best beer company in the Netherlands; Hertog Jan!

Cafe in de Smitse supports RS every year with discounts for teams and we work together in organizing drinks for the association!